What makes Professional Staffing Solutions unique?

This is easy! We take time to get to know our candidates and clients. We meet all of our candidates in person for a thorough prescreening before presenting. We take the time needed to understand goals, motivations and “hot buttons.” We are not aggressive (aka pushy).  Our strong referral network speaks for itself. 

As a candidate, how do I work with a recruiter?

We keep things simple.  Give us a call and we will walk you through it.  Let’s start with your resume and then we will talk about what you’re looking for, salary expectations and any intangibles. Don’t forget your portfolio if it applies to you.  Throughout the search/interview process, a successful candidate stays engaged and is responsive so together we can achieve the desired result... a new opportunity!!

Do you help me prepare for an interview?

Yes, we prepare you ahead of time! Prepping before an interview requires extra time but it is well worth it.  We will provide you with information on who you are meeting, company information, and help you feel as confident as possible. Coming prepared to an interview shows initiative, genuine interest and improves your chances of getting the job.

What do you expect in a candidate?

We are meeting you in person with the anticipation that we may present you to our client. We look for professionalism of course but also clear, concise and well thought out responses and insightful questions. Come prepared!

Can I work with multiple recruiters at one time?

Yes, you can. It really depends on your personal goals and the time you want to spend on this. It is your prerogative to work with as many agencies as you prefer.  Keep in mind, to work effectively, a candidate needs to spend ample time with each recruiter and communication can get time consuming. We work best with candidates who are focused on their ultimate goal; but we are not here to hold you back.  

What will Professional Staffing Solutions do for me as an employer?

We are a contingency recruiting firm which means we only earn a fee for our services if you hire someone we refer.  We perform a thorough in person interview with each candidate in addition to developing relationships with our candidates prior to presenting.   In other words, we “know” who we are sending you.

As an employer, what is the most effective way to partner with a recruiter to get the best results?

We operate best as a partner. We encourage our clients to provide us with a clear job description, realistic expectations, prompt feedback and communication along the way. To get the optimal result we are fully engaged and have a clear understanding of your big picture, so we can speak on your behalf.

Do you have an area of specialty?

Yes! We work with all levels of leadership positions. We focus primarily in the marketing, advertising and the creative field but we are not exclusive to those areas. We have built a large network as we have been recruiting for over 20 years. Let us know what you need. We will let you know if its within our capabilities.  We would love to partner with you!